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What is BEology mindfulness-based wellness?

BEology is the science of inner peace and art of living on purpose (living like you give a f#$k). BEology is a mindfulness-based holistic wellness practice that focuses on BEING in a relationship to the vicissitudes of life, staying in alignment with your heart, and living on purpose! BEology blends neuroscience, physiology, psychology,  and mindfulness, offering a ‘users manual’ for the human experience in addition to tools to better calibrate, navigate, and be in relationship to our lives.

Why BEology mindfulness-based wellness?

As a culture we are obsessed with retaining youth and extending life expectancies and yet neuroscience has confirmed we spend at least half of our days not paying attention or completely checked out. up to 50% of our waking lives are spent on auto-pilot (mind-wandering) and potentially 80% of our decisions/actions are unconscious and habitual (even more if you are stressed). Stress is on the rise with over 50% of adults reporting moderate to high amounts of daily stress and many of our youth struggling to cope. Mental illness, exhaustion, addiction, marginalization, abuse, and poverty are rampant in many of our communities with many feeling isolated, alone, and disconnected from deeper meaning and purpose.

Individuals, families, communities, and societies continue to unconsciously recycle outdated narratives, multigenerational trauma, and toxic behaviours aimed at survival and connection only to feel stuck in destructive relationships with themselves, each other and the very thing that nourishes and gives us life; The planet. As humans, we are wired for connection and yet stress and trauma leave us wired for protection with defense mechanisms that keep us trapped, isolated, guarded, and unwell. In addition to systemic, environmental, and societal shifts, many are seeking tools and support in order to better cope and connect.

The BEology mindfulness-based practices focus on our relationship to things more under our control such as our relationship with ourselves and each other. Research demonstrates that “mental states become neural traits” and what and how we pay attention to has a significant effect on our brain and overall wellness. While we may not be able to control everything in our environments or our past experiences, we may use compassionate curiosity to shift our narratives, behaviors, and trajectories in life so that how we are is in alignment with who we want to be in our lives.

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