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In this 10 week  online course we will discuss BEology: The science of inner peace and the art of engaged living.

The BEology 10-week course dissects the science of mindfulness, stress, motivation and habits, so that we may better understand the human operating system. We will utilize tools from psychology, such as self-reflection, and self-compassion to gently and progressivly explore our inner landscapes and the nature of the self. We will also explore various philosophies on mindfulness and yoga in order to create a way of BEING in the world that is more authentic, connected, awake and engaged.

During each weekly 2HR discussion we will explore various topics relating to neuroscience, psychology, philosophy and wellness followed by discovery labs in which we put various wellness tools under the microscope of personal experience. Each week practical assignments will be given as “field work” in which various exercises and tools will be applied in the real life. The group setting provides both support and accountability. We really are in this together. Michele will also be available between sessions for email follow ups with any specific concerns and issues that may arise during the course.

Expect educational nuggets on how the brain and body work, conversations, suggestions, theories and tools designed to enhance mind/body connection, and real life applications and exercises for living like you give a f$&k.

Excavate the heart and reconnect with who and how you were before society “shoulded” on you.

What is your BEology project? Who and How do you want to BE in your life.


Dates: Friday September 22st through Friday December 15th th 1:00pm-3:00pm

Investment: $400

Instructor: Michele Theoret

Class size is limited to 20 students


SyllabusBEology 10-week Life Practice: A course on the science of inner peace and the art of engaged living (aka living like you give a f#$k)


Module 1. Being Awake: Get off the wheel to live for wheel.  In this module, we will look at the psychology of perception, the wheel of life, cultivating mindfulness and using self-reflection to gain perspective.


Module 2.  Be Present: Who you are being is what you are becoming. In this module, we will discuss neuroplasticity, being versus doing, finding flow in the mundane, Paying attention on purpose and the three phases of mindfulness. We will explore body sensing, open awareness meditation and use self-reflection to answer “who am I?”


Module 3. Be Empowered: Intimacy, Insight and Intuition. In this module, we will discuss the concept of the body compass and how through the practice of intimacy we can gain insight and reconnect with our intuition. We will use mindfulness techniques to cultivate emotional intelligence and investigate our thinking. We will learn a check in technique designed to connect and calibrate the inner compass in addition to self-reflection exercises on exploring thoughts and emotions.


Module 4. Be Mindful: Blame it on the Brain. In this module, we will gain a better understanding of how the brain works. This knowledge provides a sort of map that allows us to better navigate our moment-to-moment experiences without being hijacked by our auto-pilot. We will discuss the negativity-bias, hyper vigilance and how we can “hard-wire happiness”.


Module 5. Be Resilient: The Science of stress and inner peace. In this module, we will learn all about stress, why we have it, how it can make us sick and how to manage it in order to build resilience, breaking through versus breaking down. We will look at practices such as mindful breathing, body scans and cultivating safe space in order to hijack our stress response. We will also explore some reflective exercises to challenge our cognitive errors which increases the stress in our lives.


Module 6. Be Compassionate: Navigating shame and inner criticism.  In this module, we will discuss why self-compassion is the new self-esteem. We will also explore shame and inner-criticism; why we have it, where it comes from and how we can re-wire the panel of assholes in our head through mindful self-compassion.


Module 7.  Be Satisfied: Using self-care to enhance connection, reduce stress and feel more pleasure. In this module, we will explore how self-care or giving yourself what you need may cultivate being state, reduce stress responses, increase feelings of compassion, empathy and happiness.


Module 8. Be Courageous: Will the real authenticity please stand up. In this module, we dissect what it means to be your authentic self. We will discuss why we trade our authenticity for acceptance and look at practices for sensitively excavation the heart so that we may remember who and how we were before being covered it should.


Module 9. BE Integral: The state of your union. In this module, we will discuss alignment, trajectory and motivation. We will examine how mindfulness can help us manage motivation and keep us in alignment with our hearts in order that how we act and what we say is a reflection of who we want to be in our lives and for others.


Module 10. BE Selfless. In this module, we will discuss the concept of “inter-being” and self-transcendence; being of service to something larger than ourselves. We will discuss how mindfulness practice can cultivate gratitude, compassion, and empathy dissolving the illusion of separation so that we may be of service to those around us.


Module 11-12. BE Engaged: The art of lilygaf: In this module. We will look at how to take the rubber to the road, getting off the cushion and into the monastery of our homes and communities. Together we will integrate all of the practices and theory into real LIFE PRACTICE.




A deposit is required to hold your spot. Deposits are not refundable. Cancelations up to 30 days prior to the event may be issued a credit with Empowered Yoga to be used towards a different program. Unfortunately we are unable to issue a credit or refund the deposit within 30 days of the event. Certificates of completion may be issued upon the successful completion of the requirements above. Once a certificate is issued students may be eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance as an RYT. For more info, contact us at

  • September 22, 2017 - December 15, 2017
    1:00 pm - 2:30 pm