Yoga Is about the poses! - Empowered U

fight-club-quotes-sayings-movie-meaningful-fear-cool Yesterdays practice was all about transitions; exploring the process without getting swept away by the goal.

Todays practice had very little movement, no sun salutations, not vinyasa between postures, just long still holds.

Each posture was held for 1-5 min depending on the pose. The work in each posture was to align. It plays out something like this:

Physically align your body in each given pose in order to access or touch as many places in your body as possible. Create space which implies contract those muscle groups required to lengthen the body or pull the joints apart. Soften those places in your body that are unnecessarily, habitually  contracting. As you relax these areas you may sink deeper into the posture.

Become absorbed in the dynamics of breathing and the flow of energy and consciousness (prana, chi) in each posture. Where is the energy flowing? Notice how the energy flows wherever consciousness goes.

Begin to notice the thoughts and emotions connected to the physical and energetic alignment in the posture. Allow the thoughts to arise and then allow them to pass.

There is a constant conversation that occurs in each pose.

Where do i need more?

will, discipline, strength, confidence, trust, acceptance

Where can I let go of?

Doubt, lack, shame, resistance

This is the work of yoga. Despite what your yoga teacher says: Yoga is about the poses (asana), but just not the way we think.


Michele Theoret