Attitude of Grattitude - Empowered U

How can we ever be happy if we are always focusing on what we don’t have? Where we are not enough? Who has more? Who is better?

Today as a treat I let my boys pick 3 things from their Halloween bags. Max picked out his treats with delight, excited about the prospet of gobbling down some sugar. I gave Leo a fruit snack. No sooner did Max notice his brother had something different did he say my least favourite words “NO FAIR” and “If blank has it then i want it too”

Within minutes a tantrum was had, tears shed, the treats were taken away and Max was in his room, un happy and angry.

When everything was calm we had a chat. This was an opportunity to nip an issue in the butt, that is poisoning our minds, bodies and planet. I see it in myself everyday. I am happy with my body, house, car, bank account blah blah blah and then i open my Facebook and see that somebody is doing a better yoga pose, has more friends, is going on vacations and the list goes on, instantly i get angry and while i may not have an obvious tantrum as a 4 year old does, you better believe that i have my own internal tantrum. The cool thing is that i can catch myself in the shit storm and make a conscious choice to let it go and instead of letting this lack to feed every decision i make for the next day, week, year or my life (ridiculous right? but it happens) i take some breaths close my eyes and focus on how abundant my life is. In that moment i am happy and in love with my life. Sounds fluffy, especially for me, but i will take fluff over a war any day.

How can you ever be happy if you are not grateful for what you have. How could you ever be happy if you are always focusing on what everybody else has that you do not. Competition and comparison feeds lack, lack breeds unhappiness and manifests as jealousy and competitiveness.

Gratitude begets happiness, peace and SELF LOVE. These empowering qualities will transform your life and the world around you!