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John 8: 7. When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”

It has taken me a few days to write this blog. I have seen the ” boycott lululemon” blogs, articles and posts being circulated through the various media, social media and even radio outlets. I am going to be honest my initial reaction may have been to jump on this bandwagon; to blame Chip Wilson and ultimately lululemon for the demise of yoga or the state of my current self image issues. Instead i sat with MY hate, anger, bitterness, judgment, resentment and jealousy. I called on my courage to own my own faults before pointing my finger. The more time, which is ultimately distance and distance is SPACE, i placed between my initial response to react  to Chip’s comments and finally forming an opinion, which  ultimately determines my actions, the more compassionate, understanding and forgiving i became. This is the practice of yoga, creating space, whether it is in our hamstrings, spine, heart or mind. We create space  through non attachment (Vairagya) for discernment (Svadhyaya) which combined with practice (Abhyasa) ultimately leads to ENLIGHTENMENT. I believe enlightenment, means to be awake or to see. But what is it we are able to see? We are able to see ourselves, the good the bad and the ugly, because once we can see ourselves, which is awareness, we can then begin to uproot all of the negative  thoughts that are poisoning our bodies, minds and planets. Thoughts become actions, if you want to change the world, change your attitude. Self righteousness and enlightenment are not the same.

Chip Wilson and lululemon are not to blame for shaming women’s bodies, ruining yoga and whatever else they are being pegged with. Chip had a bad moment, forgive him. How many people have seen the whole interview? Because before he had the foot in mouth moment,  he also talked about technical fabrics and when you push technology, because we all want pants that hide our cellulite are breathable, wick sweat, make handstands easier, and can be worn to board meetings, there are bound to be mistakes. lululemon designs products based on demand and feedback. He took accountability for the sheerness and then made a mistake. If we all called on our courage and looked deep, there may have even been some truth to what he was trying to say? Chip Wilson makes lots of money, yes, but he makes money because people love his product. Chip also supports many of my colleagues and has also supported many charities.

If you dont like lululemon don’t buy there clothes that is your choice, but don’t spread hate. If you dont like the way yoga is being marketed with perfectly fit models in handstands, then stop airbrushing your pictures, dieting, getting plastic surgery and learn to love yourself more because you cant love anybody else until you love yourself. Its no wonder we are so judgmental of others, because we constantly judge ourselves.But don’t blame lululemon for shaming women’s body and distorting body image. Stop pointing fingers, blaming and hating. Practice what you preach and BE THE CHANGE.