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images-1Recently one of my students in the Empowered Yoga 200 Hr teacher training asked if i could give some advice to yoga teachers as part of her blog as she begins her yoga teaching journey.

I have also been working with Pete Longworth on some material and he asked me “WHY” I do what i do.

My intention this past week (and i am  still digging) was to get the the core of “WHY”

To me Yoga is the art of creating space. Teaching yoga is the art of holding space.

Ultimately i want to hold space for my students to create space. Why space?

Whether is is in our spine, our organs, circulatory system, mind, or heart, space=possibility

When we create space we can actually see,heal and grow- this is Enlightenment

So here is my advice.

Show Up Instead of just occupying space in the room or living out a story created by your mind about who you need to be, what you need to say,and why you are not good enough,  become a conscious and engaged participant in the room. Plug in to the moment and everything it has to offer. Notice the energy in the room and hold space for everybody there to do the work. Your students will be you greatest teacher, you will know what to say and what cues to give based on the experience in the room.

Step to the Edge The edge is an uncomfortable and vulnerable place.  Just as we guide our students to the edge in each yoga pose, we must also teach from that place as well. Brene Brown says, Vulnerability is the home of fear, but it is also the birthplace of joy, creativity, and authenticity. She also says that vulnerability is an absolute necessity for connection. To me that is what teaching is about, connecting with people, meeting them where they are at and this is only possible if you are being authentic.Stop trying to be perfect and keep it real.  Great teachers have an ability to connect. They have a way of saying just what you need to hear and it almost feels like they are speaking just to you in a full class. This is because they have been there too, we are all on the same journey and while our paths might be different the struggles and obstacles are universal. Stepping to the edge takes tremendous courage, however it is an absolute necessity for finding holding space.

 Radiate Love Darkness can not drive out darkness. Choose to feed your energy to thoughts and actions that elevate your consciousness and ultimately the space around you. Eradicate the poisons, give light, and radiate love to your students.Treat everybody with kindness and respect. Do not judge, your path is not the only path.

 Let Go & Flow Realize that most of our attachments to looking a certain way or being perfect are born from ego or fear. Don’t be afraid to fail. This is the one thing i have learned from teaching children. We stop growing because we become afraid of failing. Choose to surrender, let go, and be open to flow. Create space for new possibilities whether it is in your hamstrings, or in your heart. Let go of all your expectations of  the teacher you think you should be, and become the teacher  you could be.