Empowered Yoga Handstand Challenge Week 4-Inversions - Empowered U

Photo 2014-07-04, 6 02 41 AMIn the final week of the Empowered Yoga Handstand Challenge, we will finally look at going upside down. My original intent for this blog today was to address FEAR and that through the development of the roots of these scary poses we can remain anchored to our truth, so that when things get challenging and scary we don’t become uprooted. When we feel supported and when we are ready, the body whispers “I’ve got you here!”  Miraculously we find ourselves much stronger than we ever believed ourselves to be.

It is a strange coincidence that i am writing this blog today, in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Early this morning, my Father in Law passed away in the presence of his loving family, losing a very courageous battle to cancer.

In a sense the lives of those around me have been turned upside down. The mantra in these times is often “We will get through this, one day at a time” or “Little by Little, you will feel better”

The word faith is often used for times like these, when there is an internal sense of “knowing” that allows you to completely commit and believe in the outcome, rather than just wishing or hoping for it to happen. Faith is living in the present and knowing it will all work out.  With hope on the other hand, there is still a seed of doubt.

To die peacefully requires faith. To be able to keep living when your loved ones have passed also requires faith. To set a vision for your life and live in alignment with this vision also requires faith. To do a handstand or learn anything new requires faith.

Don’t get me wrong i am not saying you should have faith and just jump into handstand. This “internal sense of knowing” is the result of a commitment to doing the work required in the moment.

In regards to overcoming fear in inversions, I will say that your body intuitivley knows, and while sometimes fear is something that is triggered unnecessarily (this is a way larger conversation) often we are just not ready yet. Continue to stay sensitive, listen, strengthen your roots  through progressively challenging your boundaries (forcing, jamming and jumping are not progressive)  SHOW UP. STEP TO THE EDGE. RADIATE LOVE. LET GO & FLOW