Perception is everything - Empowered U

Today as Max (my 4 yr old guru) and i were making Halloween crafts he was rambling on about one of his many theories on life. I am certain those with kids know what i am talking about. I chuckled to myself and said “wow max that is quite the theory you have” He looked at me puzzled and said what is a theory. “a theory is a story about the way we think things are” I replied

Max went back to making his crafts and my mind instantly went back to my weekend at Empowered Yoga Teacher Training, where i was breaking down the arm balances and inversions to a large group of mixed ages and abilities. We talked in great lengths about vulnerability, the edge, fear, love, acceptance and HARD WORK.

We all have theories about ourselves and the world around us. These theories shape our relationships to our bodies, our ability to learn and our ability to connect with others. Everybody had some sort of breakthrough on the weekend, whether it was getting into an inversion, because they could finally “feel” their bodies cues as opposed to their minds theory about what is possible, and some had some big breakthroughs in their relationships to themselves. One of my students wrote and then had the courage to share this poem. Most people have  much wisdom and beauty to share, but hold back because they have a theory that they are not “blank” enough. We have aspirations and goals that stay just that, because we are buying into our theories. Theories are just stories and  the stories we think are not real we call  these fantasies, and while fantasies are entertaining and fun they are not real. However those stories that we choose to believe in and make certain,  those become our biographies.


You cry tears from eyes like you’ve been tenderized.
You fear stories you make up in your head, while you replay all the things you said.

But what you said is how you feel.
What you said is what is real.
To be vulnerable is beautiful.
A characteristic unalterable.

You second guess your words. Scared these words might be heard through ears who’s understanding is obscured.

But if you worried about all the things you said possibly being heard in a context that only the listener mislead.
It would be a feeling of dead…
Instead of being empowered by your voice.
Speaking true is a quality to rejoice.
And it isn’t your choice how others comprehend the meaningful words you may be trying to send.

So speak real and say what you feel.
Speak from your heart, it’s a good place to start.
Speak with love and rise above.

– Sadie Friesen