Competition Vs Collaboration - Empowered U


We are raised from a young age to believe that competition makes us stronger and in a sense it does, however when we compete with each other we often sacrifice our own creativity. We end up competing at somebody else’s game.  Instead of charting our own path and developing our own unique talents, competition often blindsides us, we begin to compare our game with somebody else’s. This breeds insecurity, jealousy and often hatred. Instead of “investing” our attention, which is ultimately our creative energy, on our own projects, we waste our precious energy comparing ourselves to others. Think about it, anywhere there is high levels of competition there is also high levels of corruption, injury and violence.

Have you ever been really excited and focused on a goal you were working towards, only to find yourself completely sidetracked by someone else’s success; their new job, new house, new car, perfect family etc?

Well i can admit that i have.


We are constantly comparing our imperfections, to everyones highlights on social media like Facebook, instagram, Twitter. Competitiveness leads us to constantly be distracted by other peoples business, which is fertilizer for one of the biggest “weeds” on the planet called LACK.

Lack is a strong motivator, a close relative of FEAR, GREED and SHAME. Lack is that voice inside that constantly whispers “I am not blank enough” or “there is not enough to go around” and competition is often motivated by lack.

Collaboration on the other end of the spectrum allows each individual to honour their own unique talents. It allows us the opportunity to create from a place of authenticity and in doing so gives people around us the permission and support to do the same. It allows us to invest out attention on who we are being in the moment, because who we are being RIGHT NOW is also who we are becoming.

When we get blinded by competition we close ourselves off from our communities, which ironically is full of the very same individuals who have the key to the door we are trying to unlock.

Instead of constantly competing with those around you ask yourself:

What is at the core of my competitiveness?

What is this competitiveness costing me?

What becomes possible, or what doors open up through collaboration?


I will be the first to admit it is very difficult to see where we are being stubborn, competitive, jealous etc.  If you need an objective ear, somebody to help you “see” from different perspective. I am honoured to assist you in any capacity,