Reflection - Empowered U

My #365 day yoga challenge has found its home on my patio overlooking the yucatan peninsula. This place is truly stunning and looking out into the infinite horizon of the ocean; waves crashing, sun glistening, heart beating, palms swaying and children playing, brings new sensations of contentment, ease and aliveness. These movements are but a means to connect to the source, the soul, the inner chi. Once this source; the force is tapped into the real practice is the flow in which we live out each day. The presence, consciousness and rapture we bring to even the most mundane moments. Being awake, fully awake. Suspended in the space between the incessant clutter and noise. The barrage of expectations, disappointments, to do lists and regrets.

The ways in which we move our bodies, perfect our postures is not a big deal. I attended a Cirque show and witnessing a 200+ pound man perform a one handed sideways handstand on a balance board with ease makes my difficulties in handstand seem much smaller. I chuckle to myself about the drama i create in my practice. Again it is not about the poses but rather the mental qualities we are cultivating in the process.

This vacation has given me some breathing room. I like to start each year with some R and R, almost the opposite of what most people do in January, which is to come out swinging. I prefer to take some time for reflexion, to take care , to rest and create some space.

From this time i am beginning to feel more alive, clear and refreshed. Over the next couple weeks i will be finishing up my preparation and presentation for the upcoming, Empowered Yoga 500 Hr modules ( Hidden Dimensions of the Human Body and Flow: Intellgence within vinyasa sequencing) . I am delighted to study with, Matthew Remeski in a couple weeks (we still have room if you would like to join us) I just completed one of his book recommendations: Flow: The psychology of optimal experience and it is definitely a must read along with his book: Threads of Yoga.

This year will be my 14th year teaching yoga (going on 15 years) In this time i have taught around 10,000 hrs, practiced double that, read hundreds of books and spent over 1000 hrs in training. I also spent 5 years studying, anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, chemistry, nutrition, sports medicine, psychology and philosophy  at university. I have spent years absorbed in martial arts, and bodybuilding. I have been a certified life coach, sports conditioning specialist and personal trainer for over a decade.  I have rode out the highs and lows of 8 years of marriage and parenting 3 beautiful children.

2014 will be the culmination of all of these experiences. In my teachings i hope to inspire “FLOW” not only on the yoga mat or in the gym but in all aspects of life.

I created  Empowered Yoga in order to introduce, yoga and fitness as a means to tap into the infinite potential that exists at the core of all beings. Our classes, programs, workshops and retreats offer a non dogmatic exploration of the mind body and spirit, drawing wisdom from many schools and philosophies.

I believe that the human body houses the human spirit, and it is through movement of body and stillness of mind that you unleash its potential.

I look forward to creating space, sharing space and holding space with you in 2014 and beyond


from the depths of my heart and beyond,