SHOW UP - Empowered U

all youll ever be ink floydThe very second that Bryan Kest dropped the line “enlightenment means to bring light to something because everybody knows you can’t see in the dark” the lights went on for me.

THIS is Yoga! not just triangles and handstands.


Step to the plate.  Get in the game. Open your eyes.  Wake the fuck up.

However you want to spin it THIS is all there is!


Some great, some terrifying, some sad, some funny. Life is a series of moments and then we die.

Death is frightening for people to think about, talk about or even imagine. We have created many beautiful philosophies to answer the problem of mortality. I think death is beautiful, natural and inspiring. Not in a morbid way,  rather it inspires me to juice everything i can out of as many moments as possible because you never know when you or your loved ones will pass. Death does not need to be a time of regret.


Don’t waste time dwelling on mistakes that were made in the past and don’t worry so much about a future of uncertainty. There are no time machines. You can not change what happened.  The only way to have any effect the future is through the seeds you plant today.

These seeds are not just planted on your yoga mat or in your seated meditations. While these places are a great place to PRACTICE.

The main event is your life. Do your practice then get on with the rest of your day.


I read this story from Bruce Lee years ago and just yesterday i was reminded by a colleague in a important moment.

“After spending many hours meditating and practicing, I gave up and went sailing alone in a junk. On the sea I thought of all my past training and got mad at myself and punched the water! Right then — at that moment — a thought suddenly struck me; was not this water the very essence of gung fu? Hadn’t this water just now illustrated to me the principle of gung fu? I struck it but it did not suffer hurt. Again I struck it with all of my might — yet it was not wounded! I then tried to grasp a handful of it but this proved impossible. This water, the softest substance in the world, which could be contained in the smallest jar, only seemed weak. In reality, it could penetrate the hardest substance in the world. That was it! I wanted to be like the nature of water.

Suddenly a bird flew by and cast its reflection on the water. Right then I was absorbing myself with the lesson of the water, another mystic sense of hidden meaning revealed itself to me; should not the thoughts and emotions I had when in front of an opponent pass like the reflection of the birds flying over the water? This was exactly what Professor Yip meant by being detached — not being without emotion or feeling, but being one in whom feeling was not sticky or blocked. Therefore in order to control myself I must first accept myself by going with and not against my nature.

What is so EMPOWERING about this passage is that Lee made these revelations when he stepped out of his physical practice of martial arts and meditation practice . His entire philosophy was born from a “FLOW” experience

The lesson, answers, experiences  we are all seeking are right in front of us. The 6 inches in front of our nose. It may not come in the pretty package we expect, lets face it life is a beautiful mess.


Instead of just occupying space or living out a story created by your mind, you become a conscious and engaged participant in your life. You plug in to the universe and everything it has to offer.  The world around you changes when you SHOW UP!