The Power Center - Empowered U

Tuesday i tackle my Core sequence. This sequence is all Yang, all tapas, all raja, all fire.

What is the core“the core” tends to be a trendy fitness buzz word that is often misunderstood and misrepresented with images of a hard bulging six packs, I have chosen a more accurate name, which I feel better represents its significance: The Power Center

Physically the core can be defined as the muscles of the abdomen (Transverse Abdominals, Rectus Abdominals, Internal and External Obliques), hip flexors (Illiacus and Psoas) and the extensor muscles of the spine. These muscles are the muscles that say “I got your back” as they are responsible for stabilizing and supporting the axis of your body during everything we do. The axis of the body houses the most important things you own (not your car or your new shoes) these important things include your internal organs, the spine and the thoracic cavity (heart and lungs).

The core however also represents something more powerful, much like a set of Russian dolls, as we peel back the layers of the physical body, emotions, memories, thoughts and all of our perceptions that create our limited self belief and identity, we tap into something truly magical at the center, and within the center lies infinite potential and possibilities.

“Core work” prepares us for self-reliance both literally and metaphysically. Literally these muscles support that axis of the body, allowing the rest of the body to function safely and effectively whether we are standing on our feet or standing on our hands. Metaphysically “core work” stokes the internal fire, burning toxins, increasing vitality and strengthening will power. It is within this “Power Center” that the downward manifesting (action oriented) energy is directed upwards in order to become creative energy, opening the channels of love, compassion, freedom, intuition and joy. It is also within our Power Center that we build the strength and courage to be ourselves. With great power comes great responsibility. We must be willing to leave passivity behind; to leave behind the way it has always been, to transform our habits, to individuate, and to be the change we wish to see in the world. Located at our core beneath the layers our tainted reality is our best self, the work of this practice is to courageously chisel away at each layer in order to uncover the statue whiten the stone. The fire from our “Power Center” transforms us, igniting our life with purpose.

I am going to feel this tomorrow.