The style of no style-The art of creating, remixing and mashing - Empowered U

Today as i unrolled my mat on my yoga patio, sounds of kids, sprinklers and lawn movers all mashed up into a perfect backdrop of silence and stillness.

Friday is rocket day for me and has been for the past half a decade, however what i noticed today was my inability to stay within the lines of even this modern day, fluid remix of the ashtanga system. While there is something to be said for discipline and adhering to a “system” however my life is not linear and just when i have a system figured out, whether it is a daily schedule, a meal plan, a yoga practice…..everything is always changing. Maybe it is an age thing, like you get older, you get stronger and smarter and you start to realize that all of the systems and rules were created by people just like yourself, who had the courage to listen to their heart, and dance to their own beat.

My Rocket practice is a remix. I am a yoga Deejay. I follow the rules that fit me and remix the rest.

I dont follow recipes either. I start with the basics and then just throw stuff in, if it tastes good i keep it, if not i rework it a little.

My faith is also a remix, there is beauty in all religions

My parenting style is a work in progress. I have stopped reading books and started trusting myself and listening to my children more.

Maybe it is not an age thing, i bet it is an awareness thing.