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The Power of Self-Compassion

The Power Of Self Compassion Over the past couple months, I have been conducting a study on self-compassion and its effect on inner-criticism, shame and anxiety. Through both research and personal experiences, I can say that self-compassion has a significant effect on mood, empathy, motivation and confidence. Practicing self-compassion has been shown to reduce inner …

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Lets talk about STRESS

  Stress plays a huge role in physical and mental health and therefore understanding it and being proactive about managing it is crucial to overall health and wellness. Much of this discussion can be found in my book, Empowered Body: Yoga and Mindfulness practices to transform the way you show up in your body and …

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Enlighten: Fascia, Movement and Self Myo-fascial Release

Enlighten: awareness and unraveling of the connective tissue matrix.   “The inner postural attitude is reflected in the outer posture and this in turn effects our entire fascial system and being. The patterns we take on are a shape of their perception of themselves, as well as the way they move through the world” Ida …

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