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Empowered Body

Yoga & Mindfulness Practices To Transform The Way You Show Up In Your Body And Life.

This book will empower you to become more engaged in your moment-to-moment experiences, changing the way you show up every day in your body and life. The body speaks we are just not listening. Doing less and being more is a health secret-actually slowing down long enough to reconnect and align with the body and its infinite intelligence and possibilities. There is so much research pointing towards interoception (feeling inside yourself) mindfulness (actually being in the moment vs. mind wandering) movement and relaxation as medicine for the body, mind, and spirit. This book will provide insight into the way stress affects the body and how we can use the practice of yoga including, mindful movement, breathing, meditation, self-massage, reflection, embodied anatomy and introspection to change the way we exist in our bodies and lives; turning our postures to prayers and movement as medicine.

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