Yoga Quickie

30 min all levels flow class


Foundation flow

60min all levels flow class

Hip To Be Square

20 min hips focused class

Freeing the Breath

20 min hatha style class

Tragically Hips

60 min flow class focusing on the roots

Hips Don’t Lie

60 min strength focused class using resistance stretching and band work

Learning To Fly

60 min flow class focusing on shoulder mobility and strength


Chattarung ‘huh?’

45-min Shoulder Stabilty and Alignment Focused Class

Raise Your Hands

75-min workshop for building strength, stability, sensitivity, and confidence in handstand

With Arms Wide Open

30 min upper-body release class


60 min flow style class focusing on the core

35min Slow Core Flow

35min core focused gentle yoga class with emphasis on connection through breath and simple core focused movements


60min class focused on backbends and chest openers

Movement Medicine

75min all levels flow

The “Wall”

60-min Vinyasa utalizing a wall for alignment


60 min Restorative Class

Hatha Flow

60 min Hatha class

Enlighten up

60 min self-myofascial release


Working 9 to 5

30 min desk yoga class

Under Pressure

50 min restorative yoga class


Let it Be

60min restorative class

Get Down on it

20 min chair yoga class

Watch me unravel

60min Psoas workshop

Let Your Backbone Slide

Rolling and gentle stretching for the backline

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

30-Min Restorative Yoga for High Stress


Motion Lotion

60-Min60-Min Flow style class

Elemental Flow

60-min all levels flow


40min Intuitive movement based class for cultivating intimacy and insight


65min class focused on simple building blocks

Light my Fire

45 min Core focused flow

Shot Through the Heart: Upward-Facing Bow Pose

60min alignment focused class prepping the body for upward facing bow pose

Take it Easy

Gentle Yoga Class for Supporting Mental Health

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