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Group formats provide an opportunity to better understand the issues you may be experiencing while learning tools to better manage and cope. The group format may be particularly useful for understanding the shared humanity of suffering and that many people experience difficulties (everybody hurts and you are not alone in your struggles).

I offer 2 different types of group formats; processing groups and psycho-education groups. Processing groups are similar to one-on-one counselling in that each person in the group has an opportunity to share their experiences and receive feedback from the group and the facilitator. Psycho-education groups are more focused on providing information and sharing/participating in practices which help support various issues. While there is a small amount of sharing in a psycho-education group the sharing is limited to questions and is optional..

Current Psycho-Education Groups

  • BEology: The science of inner peace and art of living in flow 8-week psycho-education group focused on developing a better understanding of the science of stress and how we are wired, mindfulness practices for developing compassionate curiosity; the capacity for being with what is, and practical exercises for improved stress management, insight, and communication. Each session will include a psycho-education lecture on various topics related to stress, psychology, and mindfulness followed by an experiential mindfulness practices to better ground the information in the body, and will complete with practical exercises from CBT/ DBT with worksheets to be completed between sessions.  
  • DBT Inspired Skills Groups Dialectical Behavioural therapy is an evidenced based treatment focusing on mindfulness, emotional regulation, distress tolerance, and effective interpersonal skills. Dialectical means “the existence of opposites” and the strategies focus on both acceptance (acknowledgement that your experiences are valid), and change (we can work to better manage our behaviours). Each session offers information on a particular skill and how to practice it followed by assignments to be practiced and completed between sessions

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