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8-week psycho-education group focused on developing a better understanding of the science of stress and how we are wired, mindfulness practices for developing compassionate curiosity; the capacity for being with what is, and practical exercises for improved stress management, insight, and communication. Each 90min session will include a psychoeducation lecture followed by mindfulness practices to better ground the information in the body. Sessions will complete with practical exercises integrating compassion focused therapies, DBT, and CBT. Worksheets will be provided to be completed between sessions.

Topics included

  • Life in the fast brain: mindful versus mind full. The nature of the mind is to believe everything it thinks; making assumptions, predictions, and expectations often based in survival, avoidance of discomfort, and outdated narratives. While highly efficient this may leave us victims of our circumstances, reactive and constantly recycling the past. Mindfulness cultivates a non-judgemental awareness which allows us to be with our experiences in a way that is current, creative, and more flexible.
  • Let’s talk about stress baby. What is stress? Why do we experience it? How does it manifest? How can we better manage and mobilize stress? We are human beings and not human doings. Stress is literally everywhere and changing the way we talk about it, relate to it, and manage it can have huge impacts on our overall wellness.
  • Blame it on the Brain: Learning about how the brain is built may help us better understand why some behaviours and habits are developed, why we react the way we do, and when we know what’s under the hood we may also be in a better position to be more empowered in our responses.
  • New sensation: Interoception, Intimacy and Intuition. What are emotions? Why do we have them? What do they feel like in the body? and what information can they offer? Emotions are physiological shifts that motivate us to act and they may also indicate when our needs and values are being supported or violated. Developing a relationship to emotions instead of repression may allow us to better understand, regulate, and communicate.
  • What’s love got to do with it. To be human is to suffer and yet many of our habitual behaviours or unhelpful coping mechanisms are an attempt to avoid this suffering. Learn about how self-compassion may allow us to meet our suffering from a place of acknowledgement and kindness.
  • Resilience 2.0 Self Care and building inner resources for better stress management, mental health and over all wellness. Shifting the human OS from survive to thrive
  •  Setting boundaries, communication, and learning to ask for what you need.
  • Integrity: Aligning who and how you want to be with how you are showing up

Upcoming Groups

Summer School BEology 101

When: Thursday 6:00pm-7:20pm August 12th through October 7th (No class September 2nd)

Investment: $400 ($50 per session) *If you have private insurance coverage please contact your provider to find out if group therapy is covered under your plan.

Who is this group for: Adults 18+ who are looking for tools and practices for better managing stress, challenging emotions, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and other issues related to life transitions and meaning. Maximum of 10 Participants

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