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This group is an 8-week DBT inspired group as it integrates mindfulness based practices from a compassion focused lens with DBT skills. Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) is an evidenced-based cognitive behavioural therapy for this who struggle navigating their thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. Created by Dr. Marsha Linehan DBT integrates mindfulness with cognitive behavioural therapy, and interpersonal skills (communication, boundaries etc) in order to foster both compassion for who and how we are, while also encouraging change and growth.

While it is my belief that every human is doing their best to survive in each moment, DBT provides additional guidance and teachable skills to build the capacity to do better; To show up, speak, and act more in alignment with or needs and values instead of reacting according to unhelpful narratives or impulses. Problematic behaviours often evolve as a way to cope with a situation, escape difficult/intense emotions, or attempt to solve a problem and while these behaviours might provide temporary relief, they are often not effective, may have negative consequences, and at worse these coping strategies may harm ourselves and others.

Mindfulness practice builds the capacity to be fully present with what is including intense emotions and thoughts. Intense emotions can often make it difficult to concentrate, lead to impulsive decision-making and trigger problematic behaviours related to avoiding pain and seeking safety or comfort. Mindfulness combined with effective problem-solving skills provides the tools to better respond with more flexibility, creativity, and effectiveness in difficult or stressful situations. The 8-week program will provide a progressive and accessible introduction into mindfulness alongside the DBT skills and tools

DBT Inspired Skills Training includes the following skills:

Emotion Regulation & Distress Tolerance
Interpersonal skills (how to ask for what we need, receive what we desire, set boundaries, and feel more connected to others)

In Each session there will be a short lecture on various topics including stress, mindfulness, emotions, unhelpful thinking strategies, and effective communication. We will ground each lecture in the body through an experimental mindfulness practice followed by skill development where we will learn and practice a skill (worksheet). Homework is given at the end of each session to help clients practice the skills in their everyday lives.

Upcoming Groups

Teens 8-week DBT Inspired Group

This online skills/psycho-education group meets weekly in my zoom clinic and is for teens 14+ who are struggling with difficult emotions (mood swings, outbursts, anxiety, anxiety,depression) interpersonal difficulties ( difficulties with peers, family, and others), and or problematic behaviours (anger outburst, high-risk behaviours, self-harm, drugs/alcohol…)

When: Thursday 6:30pm-7:50pm July 8th through August 26th

Investment: $200.00 *If you have private insurance coverage please contact your provider to find out if group therapy is covered.

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