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Teen counselling that supports mental well-being in teens (ages 15 +) utilizing mindfulness, EMDR, DBT, compassion-focused, attachement-based, and behavioural therapies.

We live in a time where youth are more virtually connected and yet depression, anxiety, stress-related illnesses, and even suicide are at an all-time high in youth. Numerous research has demonstrated that adverse childhood experience (ACE) leads to reduce health outcomes from mental to physical health later on in life. Unfortunately, many teens may not have the tools or support they need to meet specific challenges, and instead of moving through adversity into resilience, the system overloads and may compensate in ways that create breakdowns versus breakthroughs.

It has been my experience that generally teens adapt and resolve issues quicker than adults with the right supports. For this reason, I use many modalities and research-based practices and tools to better empower youth to become more curious about who they are and what is possible for them.

Modalities I work with

Sessions are 50min and cost $220.00. I can directly bill through Alberta Blue Cross and provide receipts for other insurance providers. Please consult your provider as different insurance companies provide different coverage for mental health. I do require both legal guardians consent and at least one guardian to attend the initial session.

Typically I ask to meet with youth and guardian together and pending assessment move forward from there. I recommend beginning with at least 3 sessions.

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