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Offering yoga instructors and students seeking a deeper understanding of yoga, and ultimately themselves, an intimate, accesible, and nurturing environment in which to learn, grow, and become empowered as teachers and individuals. Born from over 20 years of research, study, practice, and thousands of hours of teaching, Empowered Yoga is a comprehensive program combining ancient traditions and philosophies with modern advancements in exercise science, and psychology.

Empowered Yoga: An evolving and integrated tradition

Our vision is to extract meaning and context from ancient practices and apply this to modern ideas, social issues, health, and wellness. After centuries of psychology and research, It is very clear that no two people share the same experiences or bodies. Empowered opens up the dialogue between many eclectic therapeutic and movement modalities, dissolving limiting boundaries. We respect tradition while supporting all body shapes, abilities, and experiences. The more we understand about the human body and brain the more we have realized that a “one size fits all” dogma often sacrifices individuality and promotes disconnection.  

This course is perfect for those who want a deeper understanding of yoga and how to implement these practices into daily living as well as those who are interested in eventually sharing the practice of yoga with others. While this course prepares students to facilitate (teach) yoga classes, it is also for those who are interested in developing their own personal self-care practices.

I share with you what I believe is the most Empowering and Transformative yoga and wellness program available. It is designed to empower you, both and and off the Yoga mat. Challenge make us stronger, however the harder you are on anything the faster it breaks down, through the cultivation of: intimacy, compassionate curiosity, and flow our programs work to facilitate connection, creativity, mindfulness and commUNITY

– Michele Theoret

200HR Yoga Teacher Training Formats

  • Online 200HR Yoga Teacher Training contains only online modules with interactive video assignments and practicum. Ongoing registration and self-paced.

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