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A modern perspective and approach for those looking to integrate yoga and wellness concepts for specialty groups and private sessions.

As “yoga therapy” enters the mainstream, concerns about the scope of practice and teaching methods become more prevalent. Yoga teachers, however, are continually expected to work with clients/students to either prevent injury or to guide them through asana after they’ve completed rehab. The more information on pathology, adaptation, recovery, pain science and trauma sensitivity a teacher has, the better they are equipped to manage the gratifying responsibility of working with any population.

Our integrated Yoga therapeutics program is a synergistic blend of many alternative health-care focused practices fused with yoga and functional movement paradigms in order to create a program that complements traditional healthcare practices. We do not diagnose or treat specific illnesses, and injuries, rather learn to work alongside our client’s medical professionals and licensed health-care teams in order to create more optimal states of well-being. You can think of this program as a ‘masters’ in yoga where we look to integrate research and theory into a living practice.

We believe that yoga, much like nutrition and fitness is an effective form of preventative medicine and self-care and therefore created this 800HR course as a credible program designed to train yoga teachers in various therapeutic modalities. This program effectively trains yoga teachers to work with specialty populations as well as enhance their skills working one-on-one, including developing therapeutic relationships, setting goals, encouraging compliance, motivation, program design and more. Advance your education and experience in order to develop comprehensive tools that allow you to guide your clients/students in becoming engaged and inspired in their own health and vitality.

Potential students are experienced yoga teachers, movement teachers, therapists, and bodyworkers with a desire to create holistic treatment plans for individuals and special populations that address common health issues and enhance vitality, recognizing the importance of mind, body, emotions, and spirit on wellness.

800HR (1000HR when combined with the required 200HR) Yoga Therapeutics program develops a thorough understanding of all the systems in the body and how they coalesce and create vitality in a state of equilibrium, however, when out of balance may lead to various illnesses, injuries, and fatigue. We have collaborated with many health care professionals including physiotherapists, psychologists, registered nurses, movement therapists and manual therapists to bring you the most integrated and effective program. Our main instructors are Psychotherapists, Physiotherapists, Registered nurses and massage therapists who in addition to having professional backgrounds have been practicing and teaching yoga and mindfulness for decades.

A measure of a great Integrated Yoga Therapeutics leader is not how many clients you have, or how much you know, rather it is in your ability to educate your client and inspire them to create lasting health and happiness through compassionate curiosity and integration.

Upon completion, students will be granted a 1000HR Integrated Yoga Therapeutics Specialist Certificate. This course is not affiliated or registered with the yoga alliance.


  • 400 HRS Core 25HR weekend modules (16)
  • 50 HRS BEology Mindfulness-Based Wellness (10-week online course and 25HR BEology Meditation and Mindfulness* available online or in-person)
  • 200 HRS Electives (specialty courses like Yin, Prenatal, Kids, Somatic Stress Release and other courses)
  • 50 HRS Self-directed study and research
  • 150 HRS Practicum

Core Weekend modules (16) 400 HRS 

  • 25HR Advanced Anatomy 1: Joint Communities and Embodiment
  • 25HR Enlighten: Fascia, movement, and rolling
  • 25 HR Advanced Yoga Philosophy
  • 25HR Postures to Prayers: Asana refinement, modifications, and deeper meaning
  • 25HR Movement Medicine: Intelligent Sequencing
  • 25 HR Mind-Body-Energy: Pranayama, Mantra, Pratyahara, and Psychology
  • 25HR Trauma-Sensitive Yoga
  • 25HR Yoga for Athletes
  • 25HR  Sustainable Yoga: Yoga and Aging
  • 25 HR Restorative Yoga (online or in-person)
  • 25HR Yoga Nidra
  • 25HR Yoga for Pain Care
  • 25HR Integrated Yoga & Wellness 1: Applied Biomechanics (This module was formerly offered as 50HR Yoga Prehab. Available online or in-person)
  • 25HR Integrated Yoga & Wellness 2: Applied Physiology & Pathology
  • 25HR Integrated Yoga & Wellness 3:Yoga & Mental Health
  • 25HR Integrated Yoga & Wellness 4 Practice: Compassionate curiosity, non-judgmental listening, program design and professional practice (This module was formerly offered as 50HR Yoga Prehab)

BEology Mindfulness-Based Wellness (2) 50HRS

  • BEology:10 week Life Practice (in person or online)
  • BEology Guiding Meditation & Mindfulness (in person or online)

Elective Modules 200HRS

  • 20HR, 30HR or 50HR Yin
  • 25HR, 50HR or 85 HR Prenatal
  • 25HR, 50HR or 100 HR Empowered Youth Yoga & Mindfulness
  • 25-50HR Ayurveda
  • 20HR-40HR Reiki 1 & 11
  • 25HR Yoga Nidra Level 2
  • 25HR Yoga and Women’s Health
  • 50HR Somatic Stress Relief
  • Specialty workshops

Research and Design 50HRS

Students are required to research, design and complete a registered yoga program on a topic of choice. Previous topics have been restorative yoga for stress, chair yoga for chronic pain, and Yoga for anxiety. Students will also be required to complete an academic research paper on the topic above where they compile and summarize recent research on the topic and integrate this information into program design.

Practicum & Mentorship 150HRS 

  • 100HRS teaching specialty programs or working one on one with clients
  • 25HR mentorship and supervision (may be done online) including submitting class plans and client notes and consultation
  • 25HRS program design, paper-work, and additional session preparation


Courses are offered once per the calendar year with the exception of the online courses which are self-paced and may be taken at any time. We can customize any timetable for individual students. This will ensure a pace that is comfortable, affordable and appropriate for each individual student.

2 YEAR PROGRAM Course Flow Sample

Year 1

** This year focuses on theory and foundation. The competencies and learning outcomes developed in year 1 create the foundation and background knowledge necessary to be successful in the year 2 curriculum. 

  • Advanced Anatomy: Joint Communities
  • Enlighten: Fascia, myofascial meridians, and movement
  • Advanced Yoga Philosophy (available online)
  • Mind-Body-Energy: The Brain and Beyond
  • Postures to Prayers: Asana refinement, modifications, and deeper meaning
  • Movement Medicine: Intelligent Sequencing
  • Meditation & Mindfulness (available online)
  • Trauma-Sensitive Yoga
  • Yoga for Athletes (available online)
  • Yoga and Aging
  • Ayurveda
  • Restorative Yoga (available online)
  • Yoga Nidra
  • BEology Mindfulness-based Wellness 10-week course (available online)

Year 2

*Modules are 25Hr weekend and week intensives

**This year focuses on the practical application of Yoga as Therapy. The Yoga Therapy courses will be limited to 12 students per year

  • Integrated Yoga & Wellness 1
  • Integrated Yoga & Wellness 2
  • Integrated Yoga & Wellness 3
  • Integrated Yoga & Wellness 4
  • Pain Care Yoga
  • Yin, Prenatal or other electives
  • 150Hrs Practicum
  • 50 HRS research project

16 X 25HR Weekend Modules           $8000

Elective modules                                  $2500

BEology                                                  $1500

Practicum and Mentor fee                   $500

Total Tuition Cost $12,500.00 (payment plans are available)

Yoga for Pain Care part 2

  • Yoga for Pain Care
    November 6, 2020
    9:00 am - 2:30 pm
  • Yoga for Pain Care
    November 7, 2020 - November 8, 2020
    9:00 am - 2:30 pm
  • Yoga for Pain Care
    November 8, 2020
    9:00 am - 2:30 pm

  ONLINE! Pain Care Yoga  Training Part 2 Pain Care Yoga Part 2 (also known as “Overcome Pain Gentle Yoga”) is a 3-day workshop (4.5 hours/day) for (more…)

More details

Yin Level 2

  • November 27, 2020 - November 29, 2020
    8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Join Brandon Jacobs (B.Ed, BPE, RMT, AFLCA) and Heather Gazley (B.Ed. R.Ac.) as they guide a 25-hr Yoga Alliance accredited Yin Intensive (Level II). The (more…)

More details

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