Philosophy 2.0 with Matthew Remski: 8 Critical Problems in Modern Yoga and How to work with them - Empowered U

What you will engage:

  1. A clear-eyed view on the political, economic, and cultural pressures facing the modern global yoga scene today.
  2. Up-to-date resources on a wide range of hot-button issues.
  3. Survivor-centred discussion of yoga institutions in the age of (potential) reform.
  4. An examination of key community health tools, including scope of practice, cult awareness, online safety, equality, anti-ableism.
  5. Open engagement with instructor and fellow learners via Google Classroom.

This course includes 8 live or pre-recorded webinars and an essay assignment

  1. Yoga in the Time of Covid
  2. Yoga is not Conspirituality
  3. How to study and define “yoga” with integrity, humility, and respect. (Sincerely engaging the cultural appropriation issue.)
  4. How to think about and what to do about the history of male violence in modern yoga education.
  5. How to think about and what to do about the history of photo-centric performance stress in modern yoga.
  6. How to understand and avoid cultic dynamics in yoga and spiritual groups.
  7. How to resist the co-optation of yoga practice, teaching, and culture as a means of making privilege and consumer capitalism more “spiritual”.
  8. How and why to practice in the shadow of climate crisis.

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You will be automatically re-directed to Matthew Remski’s personal website for course registration. Following course completion you will be required to complete a short essay for reflection to receive credits towards our 300HR or 800HR program. In order to receive the 30CEU’s you will be asked to pay $50 at the time of essay submission.

Investment $250 (with $50 CEU Essay Submission)

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