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Our NEW ONLINE version of the 300HR advanced yoga teacher training is the result of over a decade of refinement and feedback! Empowered 300HR advanced yoga teacher training online offers a self-paced and individually designed program based on your vision as a teacher.  Our program includes a combination of core modules (required), elective modules (you get to decide content), and the perfect blend of both self-paced modules with individual mentorship and support online.

Once registered in this program Michele Theoret will work with each registrant on a timeline, schedule, and curriculum that best reflects goals, lifestyles, and talents. The flexible schedule allows each person to work at their own pace while being offered profesional mentorship and support. Michele Theoret brings over 20 years of yoga teaching experience, profesional training in personal training and group fitness instruction, a Bachelor of Science degree in exercise science, Masters of Science in Natural Health Sciences, and Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology. As a psychologist and yoga teacher, Michele prides herself in meeting each student where they are at and supporting them through both education and practical experience. Michele has studied in many yoga and mediation traditions and integrates these teachings with her formal education in exercise science and psychology.

New Improved 300HR Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Online

250HRS Required Modules + 50HRS Electives =300HR Advanced Training based on YOUR needs as a teacher!
The required core modules (250HRS) and elective modules (50HRS) may be taken over the course of one calendar year, or you may wish to spread the modules over several years of study in order to better fit your goals and lifestyle. Once registered Michele Theoret will help you decide on a curriculum and schedule that best suits your needs.
The core modules will include important foundational information focused on anatomy, biomechanics, alignment, psychology, philosophy, energetics, and movement practices from various disciplines; their role in grounding people in their bodies while awakening potential and increasing vitality. Teachers will gain an even deeper understanding of the fusion of anatomy & physiology and the eastern energetics and how each lens offers a different perspective when viewing individual bodies and experiences.
In addition to the core modules students will select 100HRS of electives (transfer credits may be granted for those whom have studied in other schools) in order to better refine their offerings and vision as a teacher. We have partnered with world-class specialty yoga schools to bring you the best programs for the modern day yoga teacher.
Once you have completed 300HRS through Empowered you will be granted a 300HR advanced certificate from Empowered Yoga and eligible to register as a 500HR instructor with the Yoga Alliance.


250HRS Core + 50HRS Electives=300HRS 
250HRS Core Modules (10 Online modules)
1.  Anatomy 2.0: Integrity and Joint Communities
2. Enlighten-Up:  Fascia and SMFR
3. Mind, Body, Energy: Yoga Psychology and Stress
4. Asana 2.0: Alignment, Integrity, and Flow
5. Facilitating Meditation and Mindfulness
6. BEology Living Meditation and Mindfulness
7. Restorative Yoga
8. Yoga Nidra
9. Yoga for Athletes and Functional Mobility
10. Sequencing 2.0: Intelligent Sequencing
$3500 plus GST Tuition includes only the 250HRS (10 required modules) listed above. The remaining additional 50 HRS electives are an additional cost. Please email me at michele@empoweredU.ca for payment plan 
50HRS Electives (you get to choose what you study)
Electives Currently Offered Online
-Yoga for Pain Care through Pain Care Aware (25HR and 50HR)
-PreNatal Yoga *offered through mamata yoga (25HR)
-PostNatal Yoga *offered through mamata yoga (25HR)
-Mom and Baby Yoga *offered through mamata yoga (25HR)
-Therapeutic Yoga applications: working with individuals and groups (25HR)
-Mental Health and Yoga (25HR)
-Applied Biomechanics with Jules Mitchel (25HR)
–Trauma Sensitivity and Inclusion in Yoga (coming soon)
Not currently offered online: We can make many recommendations and additionally may accept transfer credits for course work which has been completed prior to enrolling in the Empowered Yoga 300HR Teacher Training 
-Sustainable Yoga for aging and longevity: Chair yoga and beyond
-Yin Yoga
-Kids Yoga
-Teens Yoga
* Transfer credits may available if you have taken electives through other yoga schools.
**Not included in the tuition
***Credits will also be accepted for both in person and online couses***
Upon registration receive instant access to all 10 of the core modules above (250HRS) the remaining 50HRS may be selected at an additional charge from the list of approved courses or pre-approved transfer credits (electives taken from an approved school). Please contact us to discuss transfer credits.

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