Anatomy 2.0:Joint Communities, Alignment, and Integrity - Empowered U
During this module we will take an in-­depth look at the anatomy of the main synovial joints: The hip, knee, ankle, spine, shoulders, elbows, and wrists through virtual dissections, 3D joint models, and embodied anatomy exercises (demonstrations and practices). Traditionally, when studying anatomy from dissection models we look at individual muscles and how they affect movement. However, just like real life, nothing works as a separate entity; it only functions within the context of the larger picture. We will look at these specific joints as “communities” within the body, that when are functioning properly, everybody is healthy and happy; however, when individuals are not pulling their weight (literally), the entire integrity of the joint becomes compromised and begins to compensate. Compensation is not inherently good or bad, but is a way our body deflects discomfort; it is in our biology to avoid discomfort and seek what is pleasurable. We will look at some of the major compensation patterns and injuries in these joints and how these adaptations affect movement. We will discuss how to honor uniqueness in individual joint structures (Skeletal variations) and how to correct dysfunctional patterns while fostering resilience. We will learn how to effectively encourage mindful movement and self-­correction. We will look at unique modifications of traditional practices that make the practices safer for all ages and abilities.
This course is a required module for the Empowered Yoga 300HR Yoga Teacher Training and the 800HR Integrated Yoga Therapeutics program.
Instructor: Michele Theoret BSc; MS; MACP; E-RYT 500,  Certified Personal Trainer; Certified Yoga Therapist; Provisional Psychologist

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