Applied Biomechanics for Yoga with Jules Mitchell - Empowered U

As “yoga therapy” enters the mainstream, concerns about the scope of practice and teaching methods become more prevalent. Yoga teachers, however, are continually expected to work with clients/students to either prevent injury or to guide them through asana after they’ve completed rehab. The more information on pathology, adaptation, recovery, pain science, and trauma sensitivity a teacher has, the better they are equipped to manage the gratifying responsibility of working with any population.

The process of individual modification and application is complex, ever-changing and multivalent, however, inquiring into the intention of the posture in addition to developing an understanding of your client’s needs and goals makes this process much simpler. This online module provides a revolutionary look at asana; redefining alignment,  the science behind stretching, and mobility as related to tissue pathologies, conditioning, and movement.

Experience how to best achieve desired outcomes in asana through manual adjustments, deliberate placement of props, and varying lengths of time in the poses. Analyze common cues and popular buzzwords in yoga and stretching to improve accuracy and clarify ambiguous instructions. Evaluate the benefits and dispel the myths of stretching to ultimately redefine what stretching means and what role it plays in yoga.


Jules Mitchell, MS, yoga educator and author, combines the tradition of yoga with her education in biomechanics to help people move better, age well, and feel supple. Her approach to asana is multi-modal and skill-based, balancing the somatic (moving from within) aspects of yoga with exercise science. Active postures encourage strength at the end range of motion while promoting joint health and tissue resilience. More gentle postures are rooted in restorative yoga, somatic education, and tai chi. Jules’ education programs apply scientific inquiry to the ancient teachings of yoga asana, pranayama, and meditation. She believes yoga therapy is an expansive practice, able to promote positive change in all human physiological systems.

The total cost of the course is 399.99.

With purchase, you will be re-directed to Jules’s personal website to download the material. Upon completion of the final assignment, you will receive 25CEU’s towards our 300HR, 800HR, or continuing education credits.