Asana (Postures)2.0: Alignment, Integrity, and Flow - Empowered U

This module will take postural “alignment” to a deeper dimension, beyond the physical shapes and structure and into a realm of mindfulness, creativity, learning, energy, adaptation,  and metaphor.

This course will approach Asana practice as a celebration of the human body; all shapes, sizes, and ages. Students will gain an in-depth knowledge of and a demonstrated ability to instruct various asanas and their variations and modifications according to the student’s/client’s needs and goals. Students will gain knowledge of folklore, myths, and metaphors and how they can be used to encourage introspection, embodied cognition, and creativity.

This course is divided into 7 online modules
Module 1-2 offers an intro to the theory with some different ‘cue’ing strategies that help facilitate ‘flow state’. Flow state is called the psychology of optimal experience and can be cultivated in asana with process-oriented instruction (versus forcing our bodies into a desired goal state).
Modules 3-7 look at specific postures broken down into their respective categories: Standing, Core, Back-Bends, Arm-Balances/Inversions, and Being poses (yin/restorative/subtle body). In each of these modules, we will bring in anatomy, break down the ’story’ of each pose through understanding what each component of the posture involves (this is where cues and building blocks come in). Following this, we will also explore the various metaphors or mythology within postures, which offers a more creative expression and meaning for some.
The content will be available for self-study beginning  May 9th 
While this is a required core module for our 300HR it is also open to anybody interested in refining their skills in practicing and teaching asana.

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