Asana 2.0: Alignment, Refinement, and Flow - Empowered U

Join Michele Theoret for this self-paced interactive online module rethinking the concept of alignment. This module will take postural “alignment” to a deeper dimension, beyond the physical shapes and structure and into a realm of mindfulness, creativity, learning, energy, adaptation, and healing.
We will approach the practice of Asana as a celebration of the human body; all shapes, sizes, and ages committing to the process and experience of posture over aesthetics, range, or geometric shapes.
Students will gain an in-depth knowledge of and a demonstrated ability to instruct various asanas (postures) variations, and modifications according to the student’s/client’s needs and goals. Students will gain knowledge of folklore, myths, and metaphors and how they can be used to encourage introspection and spark creative exploration and intention.

This course consists of 6 online modules (self-paced) including pre-recorded lectures, full-length practices, and posture workshops,

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