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BEology is a synthesis of self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-reflection practices infusing mindfulness, biology, and psychology. We incorporate philosophies and tools from various mindfulness traditions, psychology, neuroscience, and somatics, which allow us to be more engaged in our lives and grounded in our bodies.

In this course, we will focus on meditation and mindfulness practices which allow us to become more grounded in the here and now, explore our inner-experiences with compassionate curiosity, and allow us to be more proactive in managing stress and behavior. We will look at various meditation techniques, what the goals of each technique are, and how to best facilitate each meditation technique.

While mindfulness and meditation practices are being integrated into various clinical practices, schools, and outreach programs to help people relax, manage stress and connect to themselves, it is also important to understand that some individuals experience the opposite effect. In this course, we will look at current research, contraindications as well as modifications in order to make mindfulness and meditation safe, accessible and inclusive.

In addition to learning to navigate our own inner experiences, we will learn how to effectively and safely guide meditation practices and when and how to make referrals for further support.

This program is suitable for yoga teachers, beginners, counselors, or anybody interested in using mindfulness practice as a way to reduce stress, make more contact, and excavate the heart. Our vision is to offer practical, relevant, safe and effective tools for modern-day.

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