Mind-Body-Energy: Yoga Psychology, Stress, and Wellness - Empowered U

As Humans we are hardwired for survival (safety, belonging, purpose/meaning). The automatic ( and often unconscious) survival strategies we adapt early on to cope with stressors may leave imprints and residues. Stress manifests in the body in many ways, some positive and some catastrophic, and because the ‘body’ and ‘mind’ are an integrated system we may store unprocessed experiences; thoughts, emotions, sensations and beleifs as “issues in our tissues” effecting how we show up in our bodies and lives. The word soma is often translated as body and may be further described as the way we experience our lives and make meaning through our bodies. 

Through better understanding our psychology and neurobiology (brain, nervous system and biology) we may gain insight into how to better relate to and manage stress combined with using using embodied mindfulness practices such as breath (pranayama),  mindful movement (asana), and meditation. In this course we will learn different approaches used to enhance mind-body consciousness and how to deepen the therapeutic experience and transformative power of Yoga by increasing awareness.

In this course we will explore:
-Yoga Psychology
-Neurobiology of stress
-Prana, chakras and pranayama practices
-Mindfulness practices for safety and grounding 

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