Mind-Body-Energy: Yoga Psychology, Stress, and Wellness – Empowered U

The human brain has evolved from a time where our ancestors had to be hyper-vigilant about the dangers they faced on a daily basis. Consequently, we are hardwired for struggle, stress, negativity, and FEAR. Stress manifests in the body in many ways, some positive and some negative, and quite often we store the resulting negative and repressed emotions as “issues in our tissues”
Through understanding the anatomy and physiology of the central nervous system and how it affects the endocrine system we can learn how to re-program the brain and how we manage stress using tools like mindfulness, meditation, breath (pranayama), mantra and mindful movement (asana).
In this course we will discuss the “prana/ energy body”, and Chakra system, discovering how we “embody emotions” in an attempt to extract the most poignant and applicable information so that we may better empower our students to take control of their health and happiness. Finally, we will learn different approaches used to enhance mind-body consciousness and how to deepen the therapeutic experience and transformative power of Yoga by increasing awareness. Come to understand emotion as an energy that we can both know and shift to create a greater connection to self and wellbeing in our lives

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