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Beyond Choreography, sequencing 2.0 focuses on creating intelligent, therapeutic, and dynamic sequences that progressively strengthen the body from the inside out while cultivating ‘Flow’. Flow state is defined as the psychology of optimal experience and similar to ‘yoga’ this is the result of merging with our experiences so much so that self-consciousness, expectations, and judgments dissolve. Through focused attention, compassionate curiosity, surrendering to the breath, and engaging the body postures to become prayers (a form of connection and reverence) and movement may become medicine (unraveling tension, building strength, increasing mobility, and releasing stress).

Learning Outcomes
*Learn to integrate the various practices of yoga (asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, and dhyana) into full classes and workshops
* Understand the concepts of Vinyasa (weaving intention to action) beyond chattarunga, Upward facing dog, and downward-facing dog.
*Integrate purposeful movement that links intention and attention through movement and breath.
Teach outside the box and learn how to facilitate balance, stability, and suppleness.
*Create breakthroughs as opposed to breakdowns in the various postures by learning to set the body up for success.

This will be a creative and experiential online course with lots of hands-on creative sequencing. We will also look at how to intelligently sequence a class within a specific context, or theme, that might be offered as a specialty class or workshop. We will look at specific ways in which we can create therapeutic sequences for both one on one and group contexts. We will also look at how to modify or evolve traditional sequences for all body types and abilities.

The course will be available after June 15th online (self-paced modules) with a one-on-one or small-group zoom meeting to discuss the final project and assignments.

Investment: $399 plus gst

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