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Yoga for supporting mental health takes a holistic (bio-psycho-social-spiritual) approach to mental health and explores ways in which yoga may support mental health and in addition shift our understanding of the mental illness. This course will provide foundational knowledge on current understandings of mental illnesses, and how yoga may be used as adjunctive support. While this course does not provide diagnostic and prescriptive practices, the goal is to encourage understanding, reduce stigma, challenge labels, and explore how we might use yoga to support individuals in wellness and healing.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the biological implications and contributors to mental health including the brain and nervous system
  • Understanding psychological implications and contributors to mental health including perception, memory, attachment, and identity.
  • Understanding the social implications and contributors to mental health including racism, marginalization, poverty, and adverse childhood experiences (ACE)
  • Understanding the current lenses through which Mental Health is assessed including the DSM-5 and re-defining normal
  • Exploring yoga as an embodied holistic healing modality
  • Applying and adapting practices to meet individual needs
  • Inclusivity and trauma sensitivity
  • Contraindications and best practices


This course may be taken individually for a 25HR certificate or in combination with Trauma-Informed, Neurodiversity and Accessibility for a 50HR Yoga for Mental Health Certificate

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