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We have partnered up with Pain Care Aware™ to offer level 1 and level 2 pain care aware certifications. Courses may be completed online, in-person and even one-on-one.

Pain Care Aware teaches us to recognize pain as a human condition, for which our language and approach needs to be adapted to guide students experiencing pain during yoga. This is not about diagnosing or treating students when there is pain. We begin with gaining knowledge about pain and taking this knowledge into contemplative practices, then we reflect on our personal beliefs and attitudes towards pain during life and during asana, and then we practice language of yoga and science that will create environments of safety and resilience for our students. 

In addition, Pain Care Aware™ language seeks to avoid inadvertently creating fear of movement, helplessness when there is pain, and a sense of fragility.

Visit Pain Care Aware Here for more information on how this program integrates with Empowered U 300HR and 800HR Yoga training. For these courses you will register through Pain Care Aware and complete the course through the Pain Care Aware platform. When the course is completed you will be granted credits with Empowered U towards your 500HR or 800HR certification

Level 1 is a 30-hour, self-paced pre-recorded online training program that meets Yoga Alliance educational requirements within 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training programs, or qualifies as 30 Continuing Education professional development hours. 

Level 2 is a 20-hour practicum and that would be led by me, live online (or some day in person when onsite allowed).  Completion of Level 2 earns students the Pain Care Aware certification (and total of 50 approved hours towards both the 300HR and 800HR through Empowered U) and an opportunity to be a certified PCA trainer.

 Visit Pain Care Aware to learn more or to register. You must register through Pain Care U and let them know you are taking the course in fulfilment of requirements for Empowered U 300HR or 800HR. Once you complete the course requirements your hours will be applied toward your 300HR or 800H certification

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